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June 23, 2006

learning culture audit

facilitation skills

check lists and job aids

process steps

policy: give but don't take. excerpts from us, time limit, gated

An ecology is basicallly an open, complex, adaptive system comprising elements that are dynamic and interdependent. One of the things that mkaes an ecology so powerful and adaptable to new contets is its diversity." JSB (2000)

"The biggest advantage in an ecology model is that it enables a stable view of the totality but also accommodates a constantly changing set of components. This approach solves a practical business problem. Indiviudal products have increasingly short life cycles, but big powerful new ideas require consistent expression over years before they take root. An ecology model alllows us to capture the subtlety and sophistication of adult learning theory yet express ourselves in simply, practical terms that communicate effectively wirh our constituents in the corporation."

Chuck Ferguson and Mike Wenger, Sun Microsystems see pp 82-3 HoBL

Elements are studying, practicing, teaching, coaching
Charles Graham, Blending Learning Systems. HoB

Four dimensions of interaction in face-to-face and distributed learning envrionments

  • space: live, f2f …. virtual, distributed
  • time: live, synch …. async, long lag
  • fidelity: high, multisensory … medium (1 sense) … text
  • humanness: human, no machine … no human, all machine.

Marc has a good section on collaboration tech

tech, what is goes, how it supports collaboration and learning, challenges, recommendation, examples pp 333 ff 

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