nature of knowledge meme

October 3, 2006

do we humans wise up by taking a linear dose from the elders or by reading the tea leaves for ourselves.

who are we elders to dictate how the generation to take the reins after us figure things out. growing up with scarcity makes living with abundance seem profligate. my parents were financially conservative because they remembered the hobos stopping by the family house to beg a meal. (our house was a block from the main line of the Missouri Pacific Railroad.) My grandmother bought toilet paper by the gross because World War II rationing taught her what is was like to live without.

so at the moment, i’m listening to some crooner providing background for the miss algerie beauty contest. interlude: the mademoiselles who are clearly made of the DNA of the sahara speak french about this very western (crass) event. lots of make-up. some of the girls have a valley-girl accent, “pour moi, uh, je suis, uh, une….uh, uh, uh.” The music is becoming increasingly Arabic.

this morning i was looking up footnote references for the informal learning book. i flipped through george leonard’s education and ecstacy, seeking but not finding a quote about how our system beats the creativity and learning out of children before the age of ten. human potential. esalen. carl rogers. john lilly. abraham maslow. well-intentioned but heavy-handed and brutal factory school. how much did i learn this morning?

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