story strings for berlin

November 21, 2006

My point of view: We became locked into our conception of training, an authority telling or showing you how it’s done, when the world seemed certain and predictable. The world is not certain. There is no longer an authority for most knowledge. If we don’t recognize other forms of learning and support them, we are leaving money on the table and people in ignorance.

Listeners: A mixed bag of academics, government officialdom, and corporate KM/training folks. Many nationalities,many cultures. From conservative/sheltered to innovative/plugged in. Need to avoid all jargon.

Benefits: Have more impact, keep head above flood of information, broaden scope to include informal, higher status,

Action steps: Turn them on. Supplement existing training with informal learning. Know where to recognize opportunities to use it. Come to to get a more complete picture.


like explaining sex to a virgin
encourage you to try supplement traditional learning with something more natural, what i call informal learning. easy. incremental. attitude.

for the left brainers
cheatsheet in back of book

Kaiser Wilhelm

democratization of the workforce
vituality, intangibles, service, industry gone, world of mind
rate of change, networks

informal learning
visible spectrum

hans mondeman
knives at the gasthaus || cars on the road

change is rampant. need to know how to look it up, what it means.
like the temperature. you look it up when you need to. F or C. context.
Unworkshop. what it is or where to find it? Web 2.0 was a page, now it’s a brief video or text of foundation and links to great sources. no other way to keep up.

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