Staying alive

March 8, 2015

I am working on the old MacBook, the iMac having gone kaput.

A potential project, not that tough really, would be to put together the ultimate short-form learn-to-learn experience for pull learners.

The paternalistic training department has gone the way of the basic employee contract. Training dabbles with new hires, management trainees, compliance, and novices. Botched implementations of eLearning mistakenly removed helpful instructors, reducing training headcount and gutting training staff. Employers turned to outsourced contractors to develop courses instead of insiders. As a means of instruction, courses don’t work well. Little is learned and less is retained.

no contract. sink or swim. pockets of success may bubble up and convert the entire organization to Working Smarter. (which means making best use of social networking for collaboration, practicing sound learning methods continuously).

You watch out for yourself. You must learn how to learn in the manner that works best for you.

You’re already engaged in informal and social learning all the time. We learn from and with others in the course of doing things together. We mimic the high performer or improve our presentation skills by listening to at least one winning sales pitch a day or learned a principle at grandfather’s knee. That’s probably 90% of the way you learn, maybe more. Reflect back on your areas of deep expertise. Bet you didn’t think of something you learned in a classroom.

Science has learned an incredible amount about how people learn. It’s quite flexible. You can tailor your learning to be fun, unobtrusive, and continuous. This is the key to professional development and personal growth. Imagine adopting a few practices and finding yourself with more time and deeper understanding of what’s going on.

As a better learner, you will be more involved in determining your future, shaping your expertise and following your interests as you choose.

Using adult learning theory


For your good and your employer’s good, you need to take charge of your own learning. Safety and survival issue for both of you.

Staking your independence.  (Develop Working Smarter principles)

If it’s the view from the bottom up, I need to talk with some of these people. Mix of digerati and luddite. How learning? But must define learning. Back to Working Smarter. Production focus always. Pragmatic. This world can be shiny and happy but when push comes to shove, it’s business. Business with a capital B.

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