Book editing

March 19, 2006

I finished slapping the chapters together. They still have a ways to go. The Introduction needs pizzazz. I must go back through the chapters checking for

  • explanation of what’s to come
  • transitiion topic to topic
  • relevance of stories
  • summary at end
  • transition to next chapter

Das Buch

March 10, 2006

I’ve edited four chapters but they were the easy ones. Now I’m facing the difficult beginning and end.

I had become so lost in the editor’s recommendations for moving stuff around that I became quite confused. It was also apparent that she missed several of my important messages entirely, suggesting that I cut them.

I took the original book’s table of contents in three levels of detail, put the file in OPML outliner, stuck it back in Word, and rearranged the topics (and pages references) per the editor. Now I’ve got to reassemble the chapters and come up with a coherent story.

It’s easy to get pissed off at the editor and reviewers for being small minded, but they are just trying to help me chip away the marble obscuring the beautiful statue underneath it all. I may have to enlist Jane and Philip in this task.

I also need to talk with the marketing folks at Pfeiffer re: size and graphics.

j alfred crosslock

February 28, 2006

i think i could spend my entire life just answering emails and looking at stuff on the web. j, the black hole. gotta get down to work, to let some light out

i’m tackling the chapter on conversation right now.


February 28, 2006

i’m going to take my latest book file and parse it into the chapters susan recommends.

2/28 revised conversations chapter

The book: Informal Learning

February 27, 2006

I have 17 working days, 24 days in all, say 20 days of writing and editing, minus six workshops I’m leading. I have 13 or 14 chapters to write and rearrange, so I need to be knocking out about a chapter a day. Zounds.

I feel the need for an overall model of informal learning to combat people’s criticism of my “lack of focus.”

James called from Xplane. I told him we have 17 working days to put this puppy to bed. Also that we need a chapter on Xplane. Perhaps it’s in the cards. Could combine Tosti in that one. I will mindmap the new structure to give us something to work with.